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Hooman Sherafat

The New Victoria Hospital
184-188 Coombe Lane West
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT2 7EG

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The New Victoria Hospital

184 Coombe Lane West
Kingston upon Thames
Appointments 020 8949 9020

The Parkside Hospital

53 Parkside
London SW19 5NX
Appointments 0208 971 8026

BMI Coombe Wing

The Royal Eye Unit
Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Galsworthy Rd
Kingston upon Thames
Appointments 07760 844 988

Eye Conditions

Mr Hooman Sherafat has over 20 years experience as an ophthalmologist and treats a wide range of eye conditions.

What is a cataract?

One of the most common surgical procedures today is the removal of a cataract. We explain cataracts and how they can be treated.

Charity Work

Mr Hooman Sherafat has always been actively involved in charity work on an international scale. He has travelled to various developing countries and continues to support charitable eye surgery where he can.