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Charity Work

Helping those in developing countries who need eye surgery

Mr Sherafat has a great interest in charity work and has travelled extensively to developing countries in order to fulfil his commitment to reaching as many people as possible who might benefit from his expertise.

He has performed ophthalmic work both in the Middle-East, Burma (Myanmar) and Ghana, where he carried out cataract extractions, pterygium excisions, laser treatment and oculoplastic surgery for sight threatening lid diseases such as trachoma. In his most recent trip to Bangladesh in February 2012 he performed cataract surgery on over 70 patients.

A reflection on charity work

I continue to learn from my charity trips. There are many stimuli which have driven me to carry out charity work. By far the greatest of those are satisfaction, duty and gratitude, though there are many other reasons such curiosity, experience, education & adventure. I have carried out work in Burma, Ghana, Iran & Bangladesh, some more than once, and will be visiting Bangladesh for my third trip in November 2017.

With 285 million visually impaired people worldwide, 39 million of whom are blind (50% due to cataract) & 80% of these due to conditions which can be prevented or cured, such efforts don’t even represent a drop in the ocean of need!

The experience of such trips and work leaves you with mixed emotions. One experiences challenges, successes, failures and faces realities & limitations. Adaptation is key. It is ultimately a most humbling experience.

My perspective is that the trips are infinitely rewarding and enlightening. They are one of the most exciting periods of the year, which I plan & look forward to with great anticipation although I realise my satisfaction is disproportionately greater than what is actually achieved!

Eye Conditions

Mr Hooman Sherafat has over 20 years experience as an ophthalmologist and treats a wide range of eye conditions.

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Many of Mr Sherafat’s operations abroad are providing cataract surgery for those in developing countries. We examine what exactly a cataract is and go on to discuss what happens during a typical cataract surgery.