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Eye Surgery Prices

Consultation fee / Surgery fee
Initial Consultation £240
Follow Up Consultation £165


Common Procedures
Cataract Surgery £816
Correction of ptosis of upper lid (one eye)

Correction of ptosis of upper lid (both eyes)



YAG Laser Capsulotomy (one eye)

YAG Laser Capsulotomy (both eyes)



Upper lid blepharoplasty (bilateral) £1275
Lower lid blepharoplasty (bilateral) £1500
Upper lid blepharoplasty + ptosis  £1900
Correction of ectropion/entropion of lower lid (one eye)

Correction of ectropion/entropion of lower lid (both eyes)



Lowering of upper eyelid (both eyes) £950
Syringing of tear duct for one/both eyes (diagnostic test) £95
Injection of Botox to eyelid [includes forehead, both outer and inner rhytids, one follow-up (usual) and including subsequent touch-up (adjusting) injections (typically within first two weeks, if required] £450
Incision & curettage of eyelid cyst (chalazion/stye) £200
Excision of lesion (lumps/bumps/skintags) of eyelid  £200
Biopsy of lesion of eyelid (excluding charge of histology report by pathologist) £200
Eyelid reconstruction following excision of tumour  £1200
Dacrocystorhinostomy (tear duct drainage surgery) £1200
Insertion of Punctal Plugs  £200
Punctoplasty  £300
The above charges only relate to Mr Sherafat’s fees for carrying out the named procedures. Some procedures carried out are excluded from the list. Hospitals charge a “facility fee” for use of their premises, which completes the package price. These fees may vary from one hospital to another. Procedures in italics do not incur a facility fee. For the total price inclusive of hospital charges & anaesthetist charges if/when used please contact Mr Sherafat’s secretary. Package prices for some common procedures are shown below
Common Procedure Fee Packages
Surgeon £  Hospital £  Total Daycase £ 
Cataract extraction + intraocular lens implant 816 1625 2441
Upper lid Blepharoplasty (C1340) 1275 1425 2700
Lower lid Blepharoplasty (C1340) 1500 1425 2925
Unilateral upper lid ptosis (C1810) 800 1685 2485
Bilateral upper lid ptosis  (C1812) 1200 2025 3225
Bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty (C1340)  + ptosis (C1812) 1900 2635 4535
Excision/biopsy/incision/curettage of eyelid lesions and cysts 200 160 360
Ectropion/entropion (unilateral) 495 1070 1565
Ectropion/entropion (bilateral) 795 1390 2185

The prices may vary depending on which hospital the procedure is carried out in.

Prices for cataract surgery include standard monofocal lenses. Multifocal or toric lenses will incur additional lens cost ranging from roughly £150-£400.

Eye Conditions

Mr Hooman Sherafat has over 20 years experience as an ophthalmologist and treats a wide range of eye conditions.

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The first step towards any treatment is a comprehensive consultation with Mr Sherafat. He will go through your concerns and provide you with valuable feedback and a solution to your issue whether it involves surgery or not. You’ll always be in good hands.

Charity Work

Mr Hooman Sherafat has always been actively involved in charity work on an international scale. He has travelled to various developing countries and continues to support charitable eye surgery where he can.