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BM, Cataract patient

Many thanks to you and all your team for “lifting the veil” from my eye. I was treated with great kindness and made to feel perfectly relaxed. The sight in that eye is super – such clarity. Can’t wait to have the right one done.

ST, cataract patient

I just don’t know how to thank you for my improved eye sight. Everything is clearer, brighter and the colours are wonderful! Of course, I was a little fearful of the operation, but I had great confidence in you. The actual procedure was totally painless. The right eye...

SZ, Patient experience from surgery

There is a palpable atmosphere of calm and friendliness, the moment one walks in through the door. I can’t praise highly enough the kindness and professionalism of you, Roy, Michelle and the other staff members whose names I do not know. For the second time, you...

AD, Cataract surgery

Thank you for enabling me to once more view the world in its full glory. I am enjoying it immensely apart from discovering that I have more wrinkles than I had realised! However, a very tiny price to pay for full vision again.

Cataract surgery

Thank you so much for your brilliant work on my eye. It has healed beautifully and I can see perfectly. You have been so kind and reassuring all through my treatment and I wanted to say a very big thank you. My husband thinks you are wonderful too.